A celebration of the art of contemporary weaving exhibition during London Craft Week 2023. The immersive exhibition showcased the talents of three Sarabande studio residents whose weaving takes very different forms. WARPED presented artists’ own unique approaches to weaving and their use of varied materials - from human hair to woven leather and precious metals. At the heart of the show was an interactive loom installation that spans 8 metres x 2 metres, created from repurposed wood from Alexander McQueen’s AW23 show. Purposefully designed to function as a collective tool, visitors were invited to join conversations while co-creating an abstract piece of material from silk vents and selvedge’s donated by Stephen Walters, exploring themes from family lineage, heritage and community, working alongside the warp and weft. Bringing together these three distinct practitioners not only highlighted the innovative ways creatives make use of the loom today, but paid homage to the design of a machine that has remained relatively unchanged through time and geography.

‘WARPED’ exhibition

Creative direction Matthew Needham studio
Graphic Design Studio Palmetto

Selfridges Installation

We are proud to be a transparent company and show you the journey of the Sagrada chair we have re-crafted in collaboration with Soho Home. This sold oak chair has been wrapped in an eye-catching, handwoven patchwork cover, using metal-free leather off-cuts from our production. Soho Home Collaboration

Soho Home

Direction, design and animation Peter Tomaszewicz
MWOVEN designer Martina Spetlova
Sound Austin from Snapped Ankles
Production Christiana Perdiou

The Woven Exhibitionist

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Bespoke Jackets

2017 Bright New Things Selfridges

Selfridges window display

Photographer Sylwana Zybura
Styling Tomas C. Toth
CGI Sam Rolfes

Collection no.1