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We are committed to operating an innovative and responsible business.
Each decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to transparency in our practices,
creating and fostering open and accessible information about each product.
We aspire to challenge.

Martina Spetlova brand creates fearless and timeless luxury pieces
highly identifiable by their bold colours, unexpected juxtapositions
and trademark use of handwoven leather.

Martina’s scientific background influences her uniquely experimental
approach that restlessly challenges materials, elements and expectations.

Alongside our uncompromising design aesthetic, we are committed to
sustainability and ethical sourcing throughout our supply chain.
We partner with sustainable and organic suppliers, and our carefully selected ethical leather  
is hand woven by Syrian artisan refugees in a women’s social enterprise.

Forever scanning the horizon for innovative approaches to sustainability
and ethical transparency, we are now applying cutting-edge technology to our final products.
Each comes with a scannable chip detailing its materials,
sourcing and processes, to provide a fascinating digital life story for each piece.

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